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Welcome to Nsoromma School, where every student is a shining star in the cosmic tapestry of learning and growth. In the heart of our educational journey lies the profound meaning of the adinkra symbol, Nsoromma, which translates to “children of the sky” or “children of God” in the Twi language of Ghana.

At Nsoromma, we believe that each student is born with the innate brilliance to illuminate the universe with their unique talents and gifts.



Nsoromma is currently offering three part-time enrichment programs:
Springboard 2 Success
Triple Threat ACT/SAT Test Prep
Teachers Transforming

Our STEAM programming is heating up for the fall and 
will be ready and STEAMing very soon. 

Watch for more details coming this summer.

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Nsoromma School at a Glance
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Our Programs


Step into a world where education goes beyond textbooks, where every child is encouraged to shine bright like the star they are. Join us on this journey as we illuminate minds, one Nsoromma star at a time.

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Springboard 2 Success
Springboard 2 Success is a college prep enrichment program focused on providing 9th – 12th grade students with the resources necessary to help them excel in high school and prepare for college.
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Triple Threat ACT/SAT Test Prep

Our signature Triple Threat ACT/SAT Test Prep  course has raised our students’ SAT test scores an average of 164 points with some as high as 320 points after our 8-week course. Triple Threats: Confident, Competent, Strategic

Teachers Transforming
Teachers Transforming

Teachers Transforming is professional development for educators (teachers, homeschooling parents, administrators) interested in drawing out the academic and cultural excellence of children of African descent.

Just a quick thanks, praise and appreciation for being such a great source in the community. My daughter is really enjoying the SAT prep course at Nsoromma School. Many thanks...
Parent of a Triple Threat Scholar

Our Students Soar!

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