How do we prepare educators to draw out the academic and cultural excellence of children of African descent?

Our teacher study group, sponsored by Nsoromma’s Teachers Transforming, is answering that question!

WHAT:  A study group format, meeting monthly

WHO:   Teachers and educators in public, private & independent schools; homeschooling parents; school administrators; teacher educators.

WHEN:  Call or email for next date and topic!

Teachers Transforming is a professional development program for all educators with a special emphasis on African-centered pedagogy.

Educators in independent schools, public schools, higher ed, and home schools come together to learn and share with the purpose of developing best practices in the education of children of African descent.

We offer workshops, seminars, study groups, and continuing education courses.

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We also offer custom-designed courses to meet the needs of a particular school.  Our facilitators are experienced educators, administrators, and specialists in their field.

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