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Why Choose Nsoromma?

Nsoromma, the star, is one of the adinkra symbols from Ghana. It is translated as “children of the sky” or “children of God”. Our children are stars with the potential to illuminate the universe as they develop their unique talents and gifts. 

Our mission is to provide our students with an excellent and comprehensive education in a nurturing and stimulating environment that emphasizes African culture and history.


We believe children are Divine Gifts. They come to us with the potential to illuminate the universe. It is our responsibility to provide our children with opportunities to develop their unique talents and gifts and to support them as they learn the lessons necessary to grow to their brightest potential. Our children will be able to think for themselves. They will be able to successfully compete with anyone on an academic basis and they will have a strong sense of positive group and self-identity, respect for self and others, and appropriate social skills. They will be well-rounded and balanced in their lives. This philosophy is implemented through a focus on Academic Excellence, Character Development, and an African-centered perspective.