Triple Treat ACT/SAT Test Prep

July 9 – August 27, 2017 (Sundays)  2-6 pm — Register online

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Believe it or not, emotions significantly impact performance on tests including the SAT exam and the ACT exam.  Therefore, our Triple Threat Test Prep courses first address issues of confidence, anxiety, and perspective.  With a new outlook on the SAT exam or the ACT exam, and some tools that help our students become aware of and manage emotions that may interfere or distract, our students are ready for success!

Our Signature Triple Threat SAT and ACT Test Prep Program

Our Triple Threat SAT and ACT Test Prep courses include:

~ 24 hours of quality instruction
~ 2 practice test administrations
~ an Official SAT Study Guide or the Real ACT Test Guide
~ vocabulary index cards and case
~ additional class materials and
~ a prep experience that’s informative, helpful and, believe it or not, fun!


We have had phenomenal success in raising student test scores:

We have eliminated the achievement gap!
African American students who complete our course score higher than both the Georgia and the national average for white students!  Our students’ post-prep-course average total is 1582 and the national average for white students is 1578.

*  Average gain of more than 117 points on the SAT reported by our juniors and seniors, with some students achieving increases of over 320 points.

*  We have produced one National Achievement Scholar as well as two Semi-Finalists, and we have more in the pipeline.

*  Our first perfect scorer — 800 on the Critical Reading subtest in October 2014!

*  Over $1.6 million in academic scholarships earned by our students in the last four years.

We are successful because…
We specialize in coaching students of color, particularly African American students.  We  understand the cultural variation in learning styles and tailor our instruction to incorporate those strengths while developing the more challenging  areas.
We address the psychology of testingso issues such as anxiety, lack of confidence, stereotype threat and any messages of low expectations from others do not interfere with test performance. 

Our instructors are highly qualified
 with graduate degrees in education, psychology, business, and engineering as well as teaching/tutoring experience.  Our instructors relate very well to the students as they teach ACT/SAT content and the test taking strategies used by the most successful ACT and SAT exam takers.
The “icing on the cake” is that…
We offer the best value in the metro  Atlanta area.  For $349 (or less with some discounts) you receive 24 hours of quality instruction, two practice SAT or ACT exams,  the Official SAT or ACT Study Guide,  vocabulary flash cards and case, and other test prep course materials.


Praise for Nsoromma School’s 
Triple Threat SAT Prep:

“Just a quick thanks, praise and appreciation for being such a great source in the community.  My daughter is really enjoying the SAT prep course at Nsoromma School.  Many thanks…”

~ Josh (parent of a Triple Threat Scholar)