Friends of Nsoromma



Thank you for your interest in the Friends of Nsoromma!

We look forward to working with you as we continue

to create Educational Excellence for our children!


The Friends are a very integral part of Nsoromma’s success.  They may provide resources, connections, networking, wisdom, talents, time, energy, and enthusiasm.  To Nsoromma, each Friend is a shining star who gives whatever s/he can –  every bit of light is much appreciated and well used. 


Friends may:

* attend our events                                * coordinate an event, project or team

* help us find a building                            * obtain in-kind services

* sponsor a child                                     * find a sponsor for a child

* sponsor a teacher specialist                    * find a sponsor for a teacher specialist

* share wisdom, ideas, and suggestions       * assist with institution building

* make donations                                     * nurture a donor

* recruit other Friends                                              

* spread the word about Nsoromma and refer families to us

* work on a project (library, field trip, decorating, curriculum unit, fundraiser, for example)


However you can help, we give much thanks for your talents, time, treasures, work, energy, support, nurturing, institution-building and presence!

 YES! I want to support

educational excellence for our children

by becoming a

Friend of Nsoromma!

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