SAT and ACT Prep Course Registration

Registration closes 12 days before the first class or earlier if the class fills.

There are two ways to complete the Registration process.

1.    Complete the application/registration form below and submit.  You will be taken to a page where you can pay with credit/debit card via PayPal.  (You do not have to have a PayPal account to do this.)

2.   Complete the application/registration form below and submit.
Ignore the PayPal page you will be taken to.  Instead, mail your check or money order to:
Nsoromma School, P.O. Box 311606, Atlanta, GA 31131-1606.

NOTE:  Your registration is not complete until both application/registration form and payment are received.  If payment is received less than 12 days before the class begins, a $40 late fee applies (assuming space is available.)

NOTE:  A minimum of 10 registered students is necessary for a class to be confirmed.  
We reserve the right to cancel a class up to 5 days before the first session of a series if insufficient registrations are completed.  If we cancel, you will receive a full refund.


Full 8-week course or two-week summer program:
$329  Tuition & Registration
(includes book and all materials)
$273  Sibling discount after the first full registration when two or more siblings
register for the same course.

$249  Tuition with discount for returning students taking the same course again.